Facebook Horizon - a VR social hub news

Facebook To Launch Horizon, A Ready Player One-like VR World for Its Oculus Users

On 25th September, Facebook revealed its plan to launch Horizon – a virtual social community for the users of its Oculus headgear. In this virtual society, Oculus users can create their own new experiences and explore new places. The Beta launch of Horizon virtual world is set to be launched in 2020 and represents a […]

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TAY Chatbot by Microsoft

Taylor Swift Threatened To Sue Microsoft Over Its TAY Chatbot, Reports Brad Smith

Xiaoice, the Chinese female AI-based social chatbot from Microsoft was immensely successful. Inspired by that, Microsoft planned ‘TAY’ the chatbot in American avatar. However, the name ‘TAY’ ran into a controversy with singer Taylor Swift. Also Read: Asus ROG Phone 2 Ultimate Edition And Vivowatch SP Revealed For the first time, this controversy is revealed […]

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